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Sunday, April 15, 2007



Those look delicious! I have to say, we're getting ever so spoiled with all these wonderful blog posts. We're so happy you're blogging now! And thank the photographer for us, we definitely owe him one.


Those look great! It certainly doesn't look like you are having any trouble with high altitude baking.


Love the fact that kitty wants to help. Miss you but am soooooo glad that you are blogging. Loved the pic of your grandmother she looks very spry and spiffy.

Madame Purl

Mmmm... put the coffee on I'll be right over. Those look so yummy. You're little helper is too cute too.

Rae Schmuck

Hi Carrie,
This is a voice from the past. The first time I met you, you were about 3 and just getting over the chicken pox. Next time was in Mass and you were about 7-8. Since then I've only kept track of you through your mom,(who I might add is very proud of you and rightly so). I just talked with her today and she told me about your blog. It was great fun to see the pictures of you as an adult, also your husband and act. You lead a very busy life. I spent the last 26 years of my life in Denver. I lived at 1107 Downing Street which is right close to Cheeseman Park in Denver. I moved here to Texas when I retired. Your site is wonderful. If you have not read Jodi Picoult book "Plain Truth" you must. I know you would enjoy it. I used to knit and crochet, but haven't in probably 30 years. Thought maybe I would pick it up agin when I retire, but I don't have time. I do have a website you might want to check out. www.abbirosebabyboutique.com Would love to hear form you and if you get to the Austin, San Antonio or Dallas area let me know they are all within driving distance, particlarly Austin. My best to you.


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